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Tooth loss can cause physical and emotional stress on a patient. Using custom-made dentures and partials, patients can receive a replacement for a full arch. Patients can experience life again with a restored smile.

Immediate Dentures

Since our goal is for you never to be without teeth, we will be inserting your immediate denture following the extraction of your remaining teeth. Typically, after the extraction of teeth, there may be some swelling. By placing your denture in immediately, this swelling can be kept to a minimum. If the denture was not placed immediately, the swelling that occurs might not allow you to wear your denture until the swelling subsided. It is very important that you follow the post-operative instructions very carefully. 

 Once healing has occurred, after approximately three months, you will either need a reline of your existing denture or the fabrication of an entirely new denture. If a new denture is to be made, you will then be able to use the immediate denture as a spare (emergency) denture. This is useful if your new denture should break and need to be repaired at the laboratory.

Conventional Dentures

Conventional dentures and immediate dentures are similar, and differ in only a few ways.  The conventional process requires the removal of all remaining teeth and healing of the bone and gums before beginning.  After this, there will be three to four appointments before the denture is delivered to patient.  After delivery of the denture, it will most likely be necessary for the patient to come back for minor adjustments. 

Transitioning from natural teeth to artificial teeth (dentures) can be a process. Practice patience when learning how function, eat, and speak with something new in your mouth.

Removable Partial Dentures

These removable devices are similar to the full dentures in that they replace missing teeth.  However, a partial denture is used when there are some teeth remaining and some teeth missing.  A partial utilizes the teeth remaining to clasp, or hook, onto for support and strength.