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Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening
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Tooth discoloration is a common issue and is caused by a variety of elements, such as the food and drink you consume. However, there are several options for correcting discoloration and restoring your bright, white smile. 

At-home Whitening Treatments

Your dentist can whiten teeth dramatically using various forms of hydrogen peroxide.  One form, carbamide peroxide, is most often used in the form of a gel, and placed into a special tray that is custom-fitted to your teeth. The tray is worn in the mouth for about an hour a day for two to four weeks.  When in contact with the teeth, the carbamide peroxide releases oxygen that removes the stain on your teeth. This process is safe and effective with only a few temporary side effects.  This treatment can be applied at home under periodic supervision by your dentist.